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About Upeo Discovery

Upeo is a Kiswahili word meaning Peak.

At Upeo Discovery, we help children from underprivileged communities in Nairobi to reach Peak Potential. We are a non-profit organization offering digital skills and mentoring in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa-Njenga slums in Kwa-Njenga Primary School.

Upeo was founded in 2016 by Eddie Kago and Francis Indimuli and has since seen 1000+ primary school children of ages 9-14 across 3 major slums in Nairobi benefit from our training.

Children are taught basic computer and programming skills and coaching using life lessons. Programming is taught using MIT Scratch

Our Methodology
Digital Skills
Introduction to the basics of computer coding to understand how computer programs work so they can develop skills to enable them write programs, create and develop apps.
Children in low-income neighbourhoods need support to prepare for a better future. They need meaningful guidance to navigate through adolescence and life struggles.
Digital Skills
Digital skills enable learners to benefit from advances in technology. Knowledge of internet use and familiarity with smart devices demystifies tech to learners.
Self respect, Discipline and Assertiveness

Bridging the digital divide in Africa. A child at a time.

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